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We recommend

    ≪Water System≫


What is the Water System ?

Generator to make a special water, It is world-class!!
< enagic Corporation > of Japan has made​​.

The operation using the water produced by the machine.


      KANGEN Water

Water containing more hydrogen in an alkaline.

ORP (Oxidantion-Reduction Potential ) -300mv~


Make it easier to hair penetrate the chemical

by mix even hair color or perm harsh, It prevent damage.

And we recommend you to continue to drink it every day for health and beauty maintenance,

please order the occasion of your visit.
(You will receive KANGEN water if you can bring a bottle)



       Beauty Water

Water containing more oxygen in an Acidic .

ORP (Oxidantion-Reduction Potential ) +300mv~


increase the immunity of the skin.

Before chemical operation prevent damage when put on the scalp.
It is also good for daily skin care.

used to after color, perm, and Rebonding.


Reduce the use and the amount of chemical damage by using special water.

Not only gentle to the skin and hair, this operation is Friendly to the environment.

What is the SODA Spa ?


SODA Spa became a popular menu in the last few years in Japan.

and now there’s a several type.

SODA Spa is for the refreshing of scalp & hair,

and  “Silk Hat Corporation” is the first company

made it menu in the world.

(Patent applications in Japan)


Only the original equipment is has also been demonstrated

as the cosmetic effect “medical effect”


The first introduction of the original Head Soda Spa here in the Philippines at TENG|ROMA Salon.



・Massage effect of the jet stream.

・Gloss comes out to hair by Carbonate effect is adjusted to

   Mild acidity.

・Removal of waste products from scalp and pores.

・Removal of the hair coating agent.

・And to improve the blood current and lymph throughout

   to increase the immunity.

・To prepare the autonomic nerve balance in carbonate effect.

・It will remove the residual chemical in the treatment of

    after color and perm.

・Combination with treatment menu is also recommended.


   Notes for SODA Spa

Autonomic nerves "parasympathetic" to become predominant under the influence of the Head SODA Spa after carbonate.

There are those who get sleepy.

Need to be careful driving.

On the contrary, it will also be when you are going to bed remains of parasympathetic dominance "fatigue"

After SODA Treatment don’t make yourself too much busy. Make your body and mind relaxed.

Please don’t too much drink alcohol.


We recommend SODA Spa on a regular basis.


                   We Use



           True SODA Spa                   from JAPAN

Has been published in newspaper

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