Japan Quality For Home Care


  ≪Sulfate Free≫

We are using TENG|ROMA Salon too. Foaming smooth!

It is gentle for scalp, hair and environment and it will take off the dirt.

  For light damage hair to healthy hair

         700ml   P2300


      720g P2000

Natural base

Rice Protein takes care of the hair 

makes it silky.

Not heavy but light finish.

 COTA’ s Home Care

Frequent use of organic raw materials,

Material that gives perfect relaxation.

The herbs and various flowers

will neutralize the smell.          

Organic material will penetrate to the hair,

then become protein & nutrition to protect hair

from heat of dryer.

See the best result.


For troubled scalp,  This product is best recommended to thin hair or hair loss, dandruff, and other bacteria.


Shampoo  300ml  P1400     800ml  P3500

It is cleaning component is friendly on scalp while washing the dirt firmly.


Treatment   200g   P1500   800g   P4500

Massage it to the scalp and to the hair to keep the moisture of the hair and the scalp clean


Anti-aging Scalp Lotion  100ml  P2200  

Prevent hair loss and can help good blood circulationof the scalp.

   STYLING BASE   ≪After shower Treatment≫

MIST  200ml    P2200

Recommended to use before Blow Dry or Iron,

for perfect penetration into the hair with silky touch finish


Coolua  190g P1300 

Cool the scalp with a fascinating sound but gentle to the scalp

at the same time it keeps clean.


For Hair Styling

To protect the hair for damage. 

This product is best recommended for styling hair.

Hair Spray  100g  P1200 

Prevent the harmful effects of UV rays to protect hair and scalp in polluted air. 

To help prevent bad odor from hair and scalp

This is best recommended for styling hair.

Shiine Type / Soft Hold Type


Styling Milk   100ml  P1400 (2~4month)

To protect the hair and it will keep soft and shiny. 


180g  P1400 / 40g P700

The SODA & mint spray with minus 20℃

Deodorant effect suppresses the heat and sweat.

It is a spray for the body.

We have portable and value pack.

UV Shower   P1200

Sunscreen spray can be used on the scalp as well as hair,

and during golf, such as water sports

There is a moisturizing effect, with a refreshing scent of citrus.

ARIMINO Hair WAX       80ml  P1200

To protect the hair and it will keep hair style.

Wash easily with shampoo.

Othere Items

Pull out the shiny of straight hair

And gentle to the scalp  

   (L)P1000  (M) P800

Make the Tokyo style   only now

A little funny? iron         P3000 P2000

New Item from JAPAN

 Hot Curler


SHARP Car Air Cleaner


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